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The written examination consists of 9 papers; specifically, two papers every for 2 optionally available topics, two papers pertaining to General Studies, one paper pertaining to English, one paper pertaining to Regional Language and one paper pertaining to an essay written by the candidate. The marks pertaining to English and Regional Language aren’t counted for functions of rating in the examination. The papers pertaining to elective topics and General Studies carry 300 marks whereas the paper pertaining to essay carries 200 marks, thus totaling 2000 marks in all.

In 1801 AD, the British history of the city begun after the Nawab of Oudh ceded it to the British Throne. British military used the fort for their army purposes. Babar laid out the first formal Persian garden on the banks of river Yamuna. Akbar raised the towering ramparts of the Great Red Fort, besides making Agra a center for studying, arts, commerce and faith. Akbar also constructed a brand new city on the outskirts of Akbarabad called Fatehpur Sikri.

And one more Poor peoples are more then rich folks in Our country be with your thoughts. Respected sir, please take the examination on-line or offline very carefull in order that it might not impact the well being of student. I seen the students message that everyone students give his or her suggestion to postpone the board examination .

My father had taken first dose of vaccine but he examined positive Now 16 days are completed but our well being isn’t good. 6) This time the covid circumstances are extra spreading on the age category of 20 years less. 4) 6th April is the day after the covid-19 started when India has confronted the most circumstances until now. Is Pranav Arora Florida how the education system in INDIA works ?

In the 1985 Examinations, when the end result was declared, it was discovered that none from Bhopal Center was selected for interview. The candidates from that Center made representations to the UPSC. When the Press took up the matter, the UPSC conducted inquiries and it was discovered that the answer-sheets of General Studies-II of all 95/97 candidates of that Center have been misplaced and had been untraceable.