Calendar Fundraising

These could even be hosted at suitable locations during the colder months, offering a flavor of what’s in store for when summer comes back around that could attract customers. With 133 ideas ranging from the quick and easy, to the weird but wonderful; we got you covered. Encourage your supporters to donate and expand your donor portfolio by ditching your old, beat-into-the-ground ideas and embracing some new approaches to fundraising. The Fire Department looks out for charity due to obvious reasons. Two of the reasons could be, enhancing the fire equipment or to renovate the building. The fire equipment which is old enough needs to be changed for the betterment of the fire department for which they need money.
Protfitable fire department fundraising ideas like this might include moisturizing face masks, bath bombs, fancy soaps and body washes, and candles. In other words, everything you might need to host a fancy spa day in the comfort of your own home! Be sure to contact your local spas and beauty retailers to solicit donations in the form of relevant products. Here, we’ve divided our favorite auction items by category (such as type of auction or type of organization). However, it’s important to note that if a particular item catches your eye, it can very well be used for whichever type of auction you’re hosting.
This way, the recipient will have everything they need to get an elevated coffee shop experience right in their own home. There are tons of subscription boxes available on the internet. For this auction item, simply choose one that will attract your audience, and encourage bids at your event! You can either go through a subscription service or opt for DIY-style boxes on your own.
Seek out a crafty member of your church to help facilitate the lesson, and provide options for crafts to make. You’ve probably heard of a bar crawl—and a coffee crawl is just the same! Collect gift cards from several local coffee shops and draft a map of a suggested route that the winner can take.
Create your own version of Tough Mudder by reserving a field for the day and putting together an obstacle course. The fundraising opportunities are twofold as participants both pay to enter and also ask for friends and family sponsorship. Murder mystery nights are a great way to bring some theater to regular dinner parties, and can easily be held as virtual fundraising events as well as IRL. Include props and beverages in the ticket price for an effective way to upsell.
Schools often use this fundraiser, but other organizations can benefit from it, too. A community cookbook fundraiser is a great way to bring people together as well as raise some serious money for your organization. Buck-a-pound fundraisers encourage participants to be accountable for their weight loss and bring in charitable funds no matter what the result. From there, you’ll leave the toilets on your most engaged supporters’ lawns. Because toilets aren’t quite as pleasing to the eye as flower beds or garden gnomes, the recipients will be motivated to get rid of them. Charge your supporters $10 for a temporary toilet removal, $20 to move the toilet to a friend’s lawn, and $30 for a permanent toilet removal.
Carol singing might be seasonal, but who can resist elementary school children singing carols? This great school fundraising idea can help raise a lot of funds. Practice a couple of carols with the students for several weeks leading up to Christmas.
You can also provide or sell refreshments to guests to bring in some added revenue. The group is raising money to cover some of their operating costs which include things such as meals and snacks, materials, and office space rentals, just to name a few. In their updates, they’ve continually shared how much money they’ve raised and have encouraged their supporters to share their cause to help them reach their fundraising goals. One of the most important tools of crowdfunding is learning how to maintain good donor relationships. By communicating with your donors, you not only can raise more money, but may also see a stronger sense of connection with your donors. In fact, frequently keeping your community updated on your progress with written updates on your fundraiser can help lead to two times more donations.
Between tax breaks and the holiday spirit, nearly one-third of all giving happens during December, and those final few days are super important to your fundraising efforts. So if you want to see that year-end spike in giving, keep on reminding your donors that giving back isn’t a New Year’s resolution—it’s a must-do-pronto. Get together with another organization or department to create a larger fundraiser.