Fix AirPlay Not Working? Bang-On Solutions To AirPlay Issues 2023

Finally, it’s also possible that the speaker itself is having issues. If none of these potential solutions fix the problem, you may need to contact the speaker’s manufacturer for more support. Airplay works best on the latest iOS 16 devices and software versions. First, you need to make sure that your Mac is compatible with Airplay. Older Mac devices cannot stream Airplay videos due to some mirroring restrictions. Slow Wi-Fi connection speed can cause screen mirroring to lag, freeze, or disconnect intermittently.
This article was co-authored by wikiHow staff writer, Megaera Lorenz, PhD. Megaera Lorenz is an Egyptologist and Writer with over 20 years of experience in public education. She has also developed and taught Egyptology courses at The University of Chicago and Loyola University Chicago. Select AirPlay on the Apple device, and then select the TV to use with AirPlay. Apple device operation varies depending on the OS version.
Some routers offer connection at both 2.4 and 5 GHz. You won’t need to access the settings in such a situation. Many individuals frequently undervalue the significance of a DNS server.
In any issue, rebooting is one of the most-used solutions when a device or anything on the device malfunctions. If the AirPlay is not working properly, you can reboot or restart your Apple device and see if it works afterward. But if it still doesn’t work after, you may try other methods.
I have an GeForce 320m even with both kexts or trying with the default Catalina patches it doesn’t work I get a black screen also when mirroring to my iPad. I have the same issue with Airplay being not recognized and no Airplay icon in the menu bar. If there is no sound in AirPlay or the sound is not working as it should on your LG TV, check on the device you are reflecting to check if it has been muted. Be sure to turn off any mute buttons that may be on and then check to see if there is a solution to the noise problem. If you have any Apple product like iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then that device is capable of AirPlay as long as it’s a device that’s new enough to support the feature. It may be easy to assume that since one device can support AirPlay, any other device should be able to support AirPlay.
A youtube video on how to fix airplay issuesWe’ve all experimented with different restart, shutdown, and restart techniques. These are beneficial for virtually any connectivity issue, including Bluetooth. If none of the solutions does the trick for you, then you may have to add the Samsung TV’s IP address to the DMZ in the router settings.
One must keep in mind that to use the AirPlay feature, you have to keep both devices unlocked at all times. So, if either of your devices is locked, in Sleep mode, or far away, it may be why AirPlay is not working. Then, look at Screen Mirroring iPhone to PC is connected to. Another thing that you need to keep in mind while using AirPlay is that your devices should be connected to Wi-Fi, not Cellular data, etc. Moreover, both Apple devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi. Open the Home app and install any pending HomePod updates.
When streaming video from your iOS device, make sure the silent switch is disabled. If the mute switch is enabled, you will see an orange line. Simply toggle the switch and then try using AirPlay to check if the problem is gone.
AirPlay Mirroring feature on iOS devices relies on a high-speed reliable Wi-Fi network for proper functioning. Enabling the AirPlay feature will list all available AirPlay-compatible devices. To use the AirPlay feature, you should connect both pairing devices to the same WiFi network. If Wi-Fi is turned Off, head over to Wi-Fi in the main part of the screen and move the slider to the On/green position. Then select a network from the options that appear. Because AirPlay works like magic, it might appear challenging to troubleshoot, but AirPlay works on simple principles.